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Who is Sue?

I specialise in helping exceptional people release the mental, emotional and energetic limitations that prevent you achieving your potential.

As a child, I was always curious about how things work. Two physics degrees later, my curiosity had expanded to how humans work – or not.

Moving through and out of depression, purpose-less-ness, grief, and overcoming the residual effects of childhood traumas, I approached myself as a scientist would.

I studied, observed, and gathered tools and knowledge as I went, sifting, collating, and verifying theories against my own experience.

Clients benefit from my in-depth and broad perspective on the nature of human experience, my laser-sharp focus and skill in finding the root causes of their problems, and pragmatic, often playful and creative approach.

Dr Sue Mahony

I am my first experiment

Always looking for improvements, I became my own test case. What works, what doesn’t. How to do better. What constitutes better.

I took up meditation, journalling, yoga. I sought help from professionals from a diverse range of modalities. I delved deeper into psychology through both the Western and the Buddhist lenses, looking at issues from the micro, personal scale, to the macro, societal & global scales.

As happens often enough, the path of meditation and self-inquiry led me to discover my innate intuitive healing gifts, and shamanic ways of working directly with human energies that bring people release, lightness, and replenishment.

Diving into these energies and how to use them more effectively increased the speed and accuracy with which I can help myself and clients.

How I serve

Combining a scientific approach with shamanic practices and my intuitive healing gifts, I can help you:

  • identify and shift the root causes of your most pressing – and persistent – problems
  • discover the best development trajectory as provided by higher wisdom from your guides
  • plug in to reliable, ethical sources of nourishment as you navigate your way out of the mire and into your fullest, truest You.

When you’re looking for change, get the support you deserve for your journey.

Certificates & training

Scientific & academic training

BA (Hons) & MSci Natural Sciences, Theoretical & Experimental Physics, University of Cambridge, 2001.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education – Secondary (High School) Mathematics Teaching, University of Cambridge, 2003.

PhD Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, 2011.


Interpersonal qualifications

Reiki 1st and 2nd degree attunements, UK Reiki Federation, 2005.

Certificate in Counselling Skills, Iron Mill Institute, 2014.

Certificate & Diploma in Fundraising Management, Institute of Fundraising, 2011-2012.

Multiple Intelligences (MIDAS), 2014.


I write about High Sensitivity, High Intelligence, and how to handle your intense emotions. You can read these articles for free here on my site.

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For the curious: Mahony: MAR-ney

What did you do to Sue Sušnik?

After 10 years of marriage, I recently unmarried (as my kid puts it). You’ll find a few posts on this in the Relationships category. If you find Sue Sušnik – she was me. Unless she’s a Christian American woman, in which case that’s the *other* Sue Sušnik.

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