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Who is Sue?

Let’s hit the ground running, shall we?

I’m a gifted, super highly sensitive, self-dx autistic/ADHD-brained 44 year old, living in Cambridge, UK, with a child, a penchant for pancakes, and a garden.

I’ve trained my brain in physics (Cambridge University, no less), Buddhist approaches to psychology and meditation, environmental sciences (Dr Sue, thank you), education (PGCE – high school maths teaching), fundraising (why not?), and a whole heap of peopley things (details below).

I speak native English, acquired Dutch, very rusty French, and play piano and clarinet.

Sue Mahony

What I do

I get you. Quickly and deeply, probably better than anyone you’ve ever met before. Yes, this can be scary – but done with a lot of love and care.

“Sue has a very special skill. She can see through the fog that life creates around our emotions, untangle the mess of feelings and pinpoint the root cause of a whole host of problems: be it tension; stress; or just a feeling that something was missing from your soul. Sometimes these are things you already know but aren’t allowing yourself to acknowledge; other times these findings are a true revelation. Sue always expresses her findings in a calm, clear and easy to understand way and then offers suggestions for how to proceed. To top it all, she can do this via a video call from 200 miles away! And yes, she’s also a really lovely person too.” – D, physicist

“I super appreciate your ability to uncover, synthesize & articulate ‘stuff’ with serious yet playful language. And that we can engage in deep & meaningful exchanges :-)” – S, researcher

“Sue is smart, you know kind of this very clear, down to earth, British-thing true to your self, scientist smart. But on the other hand, her sensitivity, her gift, her talent is mind blowing and undeniable. She just gets me, she understands what mountains and forests mean to me, she intuitively instructs me how to use my elements to help me to be there for my doula clients, she “sees, feels” my burdens and give suggestions how to resolve them. It is like she non-violently tunes into me, and helps me to get better, to resolve my emotional issues that weight me down. I sense that the reason is that with doing that she is helping to create the best version of me-doula, so she extends her help to other women through me.” – N, doula (birth attendant)

“You’re amazing ❤️ And having that aura where people will just be honest with you is very powerful.” – V, artist

How I do it

The short version: we have conversations.

The long version: it’s a kinda magic.

Part innate talent, part nerding the heck out on everything, part acquired and honed skills.

Evidence-based, human-centred, and a whole lotta love.

Give me the low-down

Interpersonal qualifications & training

Giftedness for Psychologists, Intergifted, 2022-2023.

Mental Health First Aider, Pete White Consulting, 2021.

Spiritual Worker training with Mary Shutan, 2016-2021.

Coaching & Counselling, Academy for Coaching and Counselling in The Hague, Netherlands, 2016.

Multiple Intelligences profiling, MIDAS, 2014.

Certificate in Counselling Skills, Iron Mill Institute, 2014.

Certificate & Diploma in Fundraising Management, Institute of Fundraising, 2011-2012.

Reiki 1st and 2nd degree attunements, UK Reiki Federation, 2005.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Mathematics), University of Cambridge, 2003.

Scientific & academic training

BA (Hons) & MSci Natural Sciences, Theoretical & Experimental Physics, University of Cambridge, 2001.

PhD Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, 2011.

Sue Mahony - PhD graduation

Courses, workshops, and experiences

Inquiry, Liberation Unleashed, 2016-2017.

Meditation (mindfulness, compassion, reflection, visualisation….) courses and retreats – too many to list(!) – 1999-2016.

Buddhist teachings courses and retreats – too many to list 😉 1999 – 2016.

Intuition weekend workshop and monthly group meetings, Mary Hykel Hunt, 2011 -2013.

8 week Mindfulness course, UEA Counselling Service, 2008.

Inter- and intra-personal workshops:

  • Non-violent communication (NVC).
  • Reflection as a practice.
  • Poetry & creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • and many, many others!

Facilitator training for The Work That Reconnects, based on Joanna Macy’s work, 2007.

I geek out on...

  • Giftedness (obvs)
  • Neurodivergence
  • Attachment theory
  • Child development
  • Multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner)
  • the Highly Sensitive Person (Dr Elaine Aron)
  • Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (cPTSD)
  • Autism and ADHD – especially late-diagnosed in females
  • Somatically-held trauma (feelings stuck in the body)
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Shamanic practice
  • Family Constellations
  • Inner Child work
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Meditation
  • Buddhist teachings and practices
  • and a few other things I’d probably mention but this list is already rather long.

I dive into things experientially.  I take the theories and models, gather data from my own experience, and test TF out of the theories and models – and sometimes come up with my own. I take on board other people’s descriptions of their lived experience, and use that to improve both my understanding and practice.

In short, I nerd. And test.

Get to know me

Read all about it

I write about giftedness and related issues, how to heal and handle your gifted self. You can read these articles for free here on my site.

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Listen in

I love speaking and good conversations. Listen in to these podcasts and you’ll get a good sense of who I am and what you’re letting yourself in for.

Want me to speak for your event or podcast? Contact me!

Human Being Mental podcase with Sue Mahony PhD: Giftedness, Neurodivergence, Stages of Awakening & Why Love Really Matters
Delightful Dissent - Ep 44 - Mind Your Manners - Matthew Bellringer - Sue Mahony
Business Innovators Radio
Spirituality in Business interviews Sue Susnik (Sue Mahony)
Sue Susnik - Here In Holland Podcast

Connect with me

You are very welcome to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Instagram.

How do you say your name?

Thanks for asking. Like this:

Mahony: MAR-ney

Where did Sue Sušnik go?

After 10 years of marriage, I got unmarried (as my kid puts it). You’ll find a few posts on this in the Relationships category. If you find Sue Sušnik – she was me. Unless she’s a Christian American woman, in which case that’s the *other* Sue Sušnik.

Still reading?

I *like* you – you’re thorough.

But seriously, let’s go explore another page now, mmkay?

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The information contained above is provided for information purposes only. The contents of this webpage are not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on any of the contents of this webpage. Professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from taking any action as a result of the contents of this webpage. Sue Mahony PhD disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents of this webpage.

Sue Mahony PhD is gifted, autistic, and ADHD. She provides 1:1 specialist support for brains similar to her own, giftedness group programmes, speaking and bespoke support for organisations, and a wealth of articles on this website.

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