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Developing your intuition, intuitively!

I’m often asked by clients, friends and family how I developed my intuitive skills. The simple answer? Intuitively!

Maybe it seems a bit like the snake eating its own tail, to develop your intuition intuitively. Wouldn’t it be better to follow a structured program? Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn’t. We’d struggle to run a controlled test on it!

But developing your intuition intuitively really works.

When you start to pay attention to your intuition, and following it, it gets stronger. You start to build trust in your intuition. And you listen out for it more.

I say listen, but often it’s being alert for the feelings of intuition, the messages, or the signs. However you receive your intuitive information.

It may happen that you get interested in intuition, then it pops up in conversation over the next few weeks. A friend – or a stranger – mentions something that you need to hear, a book, a teacher, a practice.

Or you find yourself drawn time and time again to the esoteric section in the bookshop, to a particular book, to a pack of Tarot cards that really captures your attention.

These are the intuitive hits that shape your journey, that shape your intuitive development of your intuition.

I’ve been really very lucky through my intuitive journey. The right person, or the right book, or website, turned up exactly when I needed them.

Sometimes, all that I needed was a word or two from a better-informed friend to set me on the right path to investigate the next steps – this happened when I started having soul rescue dreams.

Or being drawn to one crystal – out of a collection of 30 or so – and finding out later on that it had exactly the healing qualities I needed at that time.

Or a friend asking me exactly the right question so that as I answered it, I started channelling and getting answers to my own questions too!

In your intuition development journey you’ll encounter door after door – and at each one, your intuition will help you find the key that you need.

What stage are you at on your journey?

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