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Finding your deepest motivation

Me: So what’s your motivation then, what really drives you, deep down?
H: It’s [insert detailed, well-thought through statement here] Me: Erm, no.
H: [startle] Me: It’s something deeper. This isn’t it.
H: Oh? No, I think you’re wrong. That’s really what it is.

… a few minutes later…

H: Actually, there is something deeper there…

We dig deeper.

H finds it.

H sits in awe at getting in touch with what really matters to her.

Bullshit detector: 1, H: 1.

Job done.

I have this knack for detecting bullshit, about things that really matter to people. I also have the guts to tell you you’ve got it wrong, even if I can’t yet back it up with a logical why. That usually comes out later as we discuss further.

If you want to run something past the bullshit detector (career options, relationships, self-knowledge, personal and spiritual development…), work with me.

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