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Flaming June

I’ve decided that June is The Month of Getting My Life Up and Running. For short, I call it Flaming June.

The first months of this year involved moving country, house-hunting, and setting up a new home. May came and went with two long weekends away, in amongst the development of proto-habits and an embryonic business. So here I am in June, pulling taught the strings on the multiple wiffly-waffly almost-formed habits that I want as the infrastructure of my life.

    • Ovo-vegan as much as possible.
    • 5:2 to shift a few pounds, then 6:1 or 5:2 maintenance.
    • Daily walk/run/cycle for 30 minutes.
    • Daily meditation.
    • Daily music-making.
    • Aspiring minimalism.

And two projects which will morph magically by the end of the month into my main business habit/project/life:

    • Fledgling business fully set up by 30 June 2014.

How do you get things up and running?

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