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What if I were hit by a bus?

When planning, organising, and doing, ask yourself: what would happen if I were hit by a bus?

You might find this a bit drastic, but I like it very much as a way to imagine how much hassle other people would experience if, for whatever reason, I were suddenly out of action and they needed to pick up the pieces.

What would happen in my personal life if I were hit by a bus? Would my partner and/or family be able to sort through my affairs with ease, or would it be a treasure hunt, a minefield, and an emotional disasterground all rolled into one? Would they be able to find my important documents?

And if you were hit by a bus, would your partner and family know your preferred course of action? Many a family has been torn to pieces by infighting over an ambiguous will. And spouses have been left with chaotic messes – even debts that they were never aware of – when an “untidy” partner passes on.

Are your wishes clear? Unambiguous?

If not, what will you do to make your wishes clear and unambiguous?

It’s a great thing to consider on a smaller scale too.

What if you were unexpectedly out of action for a month? A week? Even a day?

Would things still work in your absence?

For example, what would happen to this work project if I were hit by a bus? Would my colleagues be able to pick the project up and run with it? Is all the necessary information accessible to them? Do they know where to find it? Do they know where the project has got to so far, and what”s next in order to complete it?

Reflecting on your plans, communications, and organisation in this way is great. It helps you right now as much as it helps other people.

You become clearer in your thinking, planning, organising and doing. You keep track of things. You communicate. And you do what needs to be done.

When you take this emphasis on keeping your affairs simple, up-to-date, and clearly organised, you ease your own burden as much as ease the burden for other people in our hypothetical bus situation.

So, what would happen if you were hit by a bus? And what are you going to do now to help those you love, care for, and work with, if that bus does come along one day?

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