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Releasing hip pain

“Hey! Look at my hip!” my client exclaimed, delightedly lunging and lifting her leg to demonstrate. “I can move it!”
One month earlier, she’d come to me for a healing session.

Said hip had been painful, stiff, and generally disagreeable prior to her session. I was curious about what might unfold.

About halfway through her session, I was working on her hip when I was moved to put the heel of my hand down strongly, but not heavily, onto the hip, with my arm running straight up.

As often happens, an image flashed through my mind about what was going on.

A pneumatic drill. A proper roadworks drill, hammering down and loosening up the aggregate.

Now, we all have parts of our bodies that catch – and hang on to – our tensions and stresses, our emotional and energetic baggage. A physio once explained back injuries to me as being like a crease in a piece of paper. Once a paper is creased, it’s hard to bend the paper without the crease folding in first.

So it is with these catch-all parts of our bodies. Once something gets stuck there, other things get stuck there too.

This client’s catch-all zone was her hip, and the accumulation and build-up through the years meant a pneumatic drill was in order here.

Through freeing up the accumulated emotional and energetic ‘stuff’ in her hip, she regained movement and experienced a lot less hip pain.

What do you want to let go of?

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