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Releasing through grieving

Many of my clients are grieving.

They don’t always know this before our sessions. But there comes a point in working together that the grief comes.

Grief comes in silently. Moist eyes. A catch in the voice. A sigh.

It builds, it swells, it swirls. It builds, it washes over you. It stabs painfully. It’s a whole release process in itself.

Grief shows us how – and how much – we’ve loved.

Grief shows us what we’ve valued, what we miss.

It shows us who we’ve been, what we’ve had and done, that is no longer there.

But there are also the hidden griefs.

There’s the grief of what we didn’t have, but that would have been nice, or awesome, or totally necessary (think all the things a growing child needs to feel safe, secure, and loved).

There’s the grief of relief – that the bad things we experienced have come to an end, and alongside the grief, there’s the sweet taste of relief.

There’s the grief of what we missed out on, and won’t have a chance to experience.

There’s the grief of the future that we won’t be able to be, do or have. The dreams and ideas we’ve invested time and energy in dreaming and thinking, that we need to let go of.

In every growth phase, there’s a grief phase. We let go of the old, of what was. We grieve it. We mourn it. We respect it.

Through grieving, we grow – more tender, stronger, more compassionate.

What are you ready to release?

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