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You’re  a study bunny. You like reading. You like finding things out. You like figuring things out for yourself.

I’ve put together a few starters for you. Something to get you going.

Dig in, dive in, plonk yourself in, in whichever fashion you prefer into the knowledge and occasional wisdom within these pages.



Highly Sensitive Child: Parenting Strategies

Many adults don’t realise that they’re unusually sensitive until they have a child who is identified as Highly Sensitive. As parents, you then have a double learning curve: becoming a parent, coming to understand your own sensitivity, and parenting your highly sensitive child.

This course bundles up tools, tricks and a sensible approach to parenting Highly Sensitive Children – tools I’ve used both personally and with my clients.


Highly Sensitive Child Upset Boy

Broken into bite-sized videos that you can snack on in between the demands and activities of family life, the course takes you from the foundations onwards in how to approach parenting your High Sensitive Child.

There’s also a module on looking after yourself – critical to looking after your family well.

Get immediate access for €27.

Go to Highly Sensitive Child: Parenting Strategies to buy.


The Lab

Would you like access to a practical library of knowledge, resources, and how-to’s on the main tools you can use to handle your high sensitivity, your emotions, and your giftedness?

Videos, work-through-able printouts, checklists, and more?

I’m building it.


The Lab. Built by one of us, for us.

The Lab: an experiential, experimental online learning place for highly sensitive, highly gifted, intense people.



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