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How to make your intuition stronger

One of the easiest ways to amp up your intuition is being with other intuitives. Although it’s hard to explain HOW it works, it’s easy to experience it.
When you’re with another intuitive and you both tune in, both your intuition levels go up. It’s as though you amplify each other.

To turn up the volume some more, meet in a group of intuitives, and deliberately tune in together.

Keep yourselves safe: keep the energy positive, your intentions sound (based on love, not fear or wishes to harm yourself or others), and stay grounded. Call on the helping spirits and ancestors to protect and guide you.

When you hang out with other intuitives, you’ll find out more about your intuitive skills and faculties, and you learn from one another too. You may also find that you can confirm one another’s experiences.

Be sure to stay grounded to avoid getting over-intellectual about it! It’s easy for the head to run off as usual and give you lots of signals that you interpret as intuition, when really it’s your imagination doing the talking.

Who boosts your intuitive signals?

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