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Supercharge your energetic environment

The energy of places you spend most of your time in has an effect on you, and your intuition, so here’s how you can supercharge it to work for you, not against you.

Talk to your environment

Get over the initial feeling of “oh my god I can’t do that people will think I’m a nutjob.” Some people will get what you’re on about. Some people will think it’s a good idea and ask you for tips on how to do it. And some people will think you’re a nutjob. Don’t worry about them.

Say “hello” to your home when you arrive, and “bye” when you leave. Tell it what you’re up to. Talk to it as though you’re talking to your cat or dog: assume that it’s friendly, pleased to see you, and interested in hearing from you about your day.

If you’re feeling scared, ask it to protect you. If you’re going away for a few days, tell it what you’re up too, wish it a quiet and restful time, and say if you’re looking forward to seeing it when you come back. Whatever works for you – it’s your environment, after all!


Care for your environment

The first three steps are on the physical level, but they have big energy effects too.

  1. Declutter
    If your space is full of stuff you don’t want or like, or other people’s stuff, or other people’s choices (that don’t fit your own), you’ll feel cruddy on an energetic level. If you’re sensitive and intuitive, you’ll be using energy every single day countering the energy of these unwanted things. In fact, one of the best ways intuitives-who-aren’t-aware-of-their-intuition unconsciously block their sensitivity is to fill their environments with crap, thus tuning out any signals with a massive environmental filter.
  2. Clean
    Everything that’s left: give it a good clean, dust, hoover, sweep, wipe, whatever. Clean the space and whatever objects you have in it. If you’ve done a good decluttering first, you’ll have a less to clean! When your environment is dirtier than you can tolerate, you walk through your home either wincing or blocking the dirt out. Either way, you’re wasting energy, energy that can serve you far better in other ways.
  3. Beautify
    Make it pleasing to your eye. Don’t worry about what’s fashionable or what colours your Auntie Mavis wants to paint it. It’s your space, not hers. Arrange things how you want them.

The next step works directly with the energy of your space through clearing the energy and blessing your space.


Clear and bless your environment

I recommend clearing and blessing your space at key moments: when you move in, when there’s a change in occupancy (both when people move in – or are born – and when people move out – or die). You can also clear the energy on a regular basis, and I especially recommend it when you’ve been through a rough patch with someone you live with, to clear the energy for both of you.

You can also clear and bless your workplace – as long as you’re respectful of other people’s energies in there!


Before you begin:

Trust that your home wants to work in your favour.

Set your intentions for how you want your home to support you: positive, clear, loving, benevolent, a peaceful haven, a vital recharging zone…

Get together a few pieces of kit: some incense or sage smudge stick (be fire-safe!), or something to make a good sound with (singing bowl, tingshas, a bell, or yourself: finger clicking and/or singing can work well). If you’re not permitted to light incense, substitute making sound for wafting incense in the ritual.

Make sure you have about an hour free from disturbances and distractions.


The ritual itself:

Begin outside your front door.

Ground yourself and bring to mind what you’re about to do. Set your intentions: say them in your mind or out loud.

Light your incense.

Greet your space, thank it for welcoming you.

Enter your space and walk slowly around its perimeter. I usually walk to the right at each junction until I’ve gone around the whole space. Viewed from above, I walk around roughly anticlockwise, hugging the walls. As you walk, waft your incense around and speak your intentions out loud.

Make sure that you waft the incense into the corners and dark spaces – this is where energies can collect, so be sure to help them to move on. These energies can be your own, or from another person who’s been in your space, or from a previous resident of the space. They may be emotional energies – the anger of many arguments, or cloudy depressive energy, or sadness. You might get a sense of what they are as you clear them, but it’s not always necessary to know what it is. Sometimes you think you know, and it’s actually something else that you miss because you already think you know what it is. Good old head getting in the way again. Be aware that you might come across areas which feel darker, stickier, murkier. Pay it extra attention with more incense and ring your bell towards the area. Clap your hands to shake it up and help it move on, or click your fingers and tell it “Go!”

When you complete your circuit of your space, stand at the front door and feel. Be aware of how you feel, aware of how the space feels. See if there’s anything else that needs to be done (feel your way into this, intuitively, and do it if an intuitive nudge comes to you and you trust it).

Thank your space.


Closing the ritual:

Go out of your front door, shake off energies that might have stuck to you during the clearing (waft incense/smudge yourself).

When you feel clear, snuff out the incense/smudge stick (safely!) and pause for a few moments to let what you’ve done sink in and prepare yourself to enter your newly cleared space.

Greet your space again, and enter. Allow yourself a few minutes to stand, wander around, sing, explore, be happy, whatever.

Dedicate the ritual to all beings. You can use the words “May the benefits of this space clearing bring happiness to all beings.”


Whenever you feel that your home or office is getting you down, take a look and sort it out with a clearout, a cleanup, and clear and bless the space energetically. It’ll lift your mood, your energy, and your intuitive skills too.


How do you look after the spaces you inhabit?

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Sue Mahony PhD is gifted, autistic, and ADHD. She provides 1:1 specialist support for brains similar to her own, neurodiversity training, mentoring & coaching for organisations, and a wealth of articles on this website.

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