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Wanting to be perfect

Ok, I’ll admit it. I want to be perfect.

I want to have the perfect self-employed startup. I want to be mistake-free, smooth, slick and, well, perfect, from the word go.

Even as I write, I’m aware that this is nonsense.

There’s no textbook to follow. There’s no specific checklist for going self-employed that you have to execute with a perfect 10.0. There’s no requirement to be perfect – it’s just in my head.

Listening quietly to myself, there’s a little fear making itself known. This fear is of making mistakes. Actually, it’s the fear of being seen making mistakes and the red-hot flush of shame that accompanies it.

And then I ask: is that it? Do I just want to avoid a 30 second flush of shame? And the peace-maker in me enters the discussion. “It’s only 30 seconds. You can handle that.”

And she’s right. I have a 100% track record of handling it so far in my life. I still don’t want to.

And all of that is ok.

How much do you want to be perfect, too?

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