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Beating procrastination: What else would I be doing?

Last week I caught myself, again. Putting off a task, again. Thinking to myself, “I’ll do it later”, again.

Only this time, a challenge popped into my head. A new question. A question which caught me by surprise – and got me into actually doing the work.

The question was simple, clear and direct: What else would I be doing?

If I don’t do this now, what else would I use these 5 minutes for? What other way would I spend my time?

Surfing on Facebook, and reading a random, vaguely relevant and interesting article posted by a friend. Checking email (again). Or just looking out of the window.

Seriously, what else would I be doing? Is it worth putting off this task so that I can lose myself for an extra five minutes in distractions? What else would I be doing?

I did my task.

What else would you be doing?

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