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On the importance of downtime

It’s terribly normal these days to be busy. Busy doing this, that, the other, and squeezing extra things in too.
What gets squeezed out is downtime. Time when you’re doing just nothing (except sitting, or reclining on your favourite sofa, maybe with a cup of tea in your hands).

Downtime is this magical in-between land. It’s the land of reflection, dreaming, day-dreaming, and watching the clouds go by. It’s the land we all need to go to, quite regularly, to stay sane and content.

Downtime is the place I visit when I’m on a train or a tram, watching the world go by.

Without downtime, there’s no time for reflection. No time for thinking back over things done and said, turning them over in your mind and letting them go their merry way into the past.

There’s no time for dreaming. No time for letting your mind roam over future possibilities, trying them on for size in your imagination or allowing new ideas and possibilities to come in.

Without time for day-dreaming, you have no space to speculate, ponder, wonder, or wander around in your experience. No time for what if’s, maybes or can I?

Your mental and emotional health depend on downtime. Time to process and file. To let go. To let new things arise and arrive.

What downtime can you create in your day today?

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Sue Mahony PhD is gifted, autistic, and ADHD. She provides 1:1 specialist support for brains similar to her own, neurodiversity training, mentoring & coaching for organisations, and a wealth of articles on this website.

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