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Therapy for Gifted Adults - Sue Mahony, PhD

Therapy for Gifted Adults

When looking for therapy for gifted adults, at the very least, you need a specialist who knows what giftedness is. You need someone who knows the kind of mind you have. Someone who gets the extra challenges that being gifted brings.

While there are many excellent coaches, counsellors, therapists and support professionals around, you can end up feeling unmet when the gap is too wide between your experience and their understanding of you.

Having a therapist/counsellor/support person who can keep up with you, who isn’t daunted by your magnificently processing mind, who can handle the breadth, depth and intensity of your internal world – that’s what you need.

One who understands giftedness, knows the terrain, and can equip you with the tools to navigate it.

Just like a high-level athlete has a whole crew of support, guidance and training, you as a gifted adult might get relationship counselling for relationship issues, work coaching for work issues, personal training for body issues – and specialist support for gifted adults for *drumroll please* giftedness issues.

Not to ‘fix’ your giftedness.

But to help you work with it. To tell the difference between a ‘problem’ and a ‘giftedness issue.’ To bring your self-knowledge, self-compassion, and self-management up to date, from the perspective of someone who’s familiar with giftedness from the inside-out *and* outside-in.

So, where do you find such a mythical beast?

Well, here, for starters.

And if I’m not your cup of tea – and I’m certainly not for everyone – a search for “gifted therapist” or “gifted counsellor” will get you going in the right direction.

What next?

1. Nothing

Always an option. Though you were probably reading this page for a reason, right? 😉

2. DIY

You can get a looooooong way with reading, watching videos from gifted people, and applying a whole heap of self-analysis to *ahem* yourself. And it’s great to develop your skillset, by the way. There are some things you won’t see for yourself though, like your ears. And how some aspects of your mind, feelings, and body work. In which case ↓↓↓

3. Get support

Hi. Did I introduce myself already?

The information contained above is provided for information purposes only. The contents of this webpage are not intended to amount to advice and you should not rely on any of the contents of this webpage. Professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from taking any action as a result of the contents of this webpage. Sue Mahony PhD disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any of the contents of this webpage.

Sue Mahony PhD is gifted, autistic, and ADHD. She provides 1:1 specialist support for brains similar to her own, giftedness group programmes, speaking and bespoke support for organisations, and a wealth of articles on this website.

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